TMP Industrie

Know-how in plastics engineering

Expertise in raw materials

TMP Industrie can make the difference, particularly through our ability and experience transforming all types of plastic raw material.

The choice is in the hands of our materials experts, who provide industrial customers with the best option, according to innovation specifications.

Our market-oriented teams stay up to date on the latest material trends and processes.

Optimiser votre production et votre prix de revient

Achieve the best for your production and your cost price 

Surround yourself with a good team and work together

TMP Industrie has understood how to choose the best compound-manufacturing partners, producing recycled technical plastics and/or regenerated materials.

From the first moment of technical design, our Study Department addresses all economic requirements of our customers, and collaborates with our expert suppliers in development of parts.

We meet this target trio for our customers :

  • Cost
  • Technical Performance
  • Respect of new environmental policies

Defining and choosing plastic material

Since the material must meet your requirements, at TMP Industrie we draw on our own experience and on that of our expert suppliers, laboratory partners, and analysts of plastic part properties : the IPC Technical Center, Materiautech, and other platforms specialized in the properties of plastic materials (material resistance studies, aging and wear tests…).

Caractériser et choisir la matière plastique

Our particularities

  • Technical recommendation and choice of materials closely adapted to the objectives of each of our customers
  • Assistance in re-conceptulizationwith choices of alternative materials (recycled plastics)
  • Assistance in re-conceptulization Transfer from metal to plastic, making it possible to reduce the number of component parts (thus reducing outside purchasing costs) and to achieve optimum cost price on your unit
TMP - Répondre aux caractéristiques recherchées

A wide range of materials

  • Commodities : PE,PP, PS…
  • Technical materials : PA 6, PA 6-6, PA 12, PPA, PEI, PPS …
  • Materials with filler : Mineral, talc, mica, fiber and glass bead, carbon fiber…

Meeting specifications on desired properties 

  • Performance
  • Functions
  • Visual aspect
  • Environmental standards