TMP Industrie

Who are we ?

Our commitment

Our role as leader in the heart of a historic industrial zone of expertise (Plastics Valley) is further reinforced from one year to the next.

At TMP Industrie, the circular economy is strongly invested in our manufacturing and production process, along with the rule of sustainable support for our customers.

We don’t waste time, we even save time for our customers. Our calling at TMP Industrie is to help them safeguard the old market share, while tackling the new.

Sustainable support and incubation

We share our comprehensive expertise in industrial plastics engineering with our customers, from the co-designing to the construction of tooling and industrial ancillaries, from the co-elaboration of technical compounds to the transformation of plastic materials.

Our broad-based support makes TMP Industrie an industrial incubator and a valued business partner in terms of innovation and R&D, all while respecting the environment.

Don’t wear out the planet

For our own deep-seated conviction, and for higher efficiency we have heavily invested in the recycling and follow-up of materials since the 2010s.  We believe in making the plastics of tomorrow a sustainable part of creating industrial products.

Plastic must remain an industrial sector of the future.

Good management and financial responsiveness

To benefit the economic performance of both small companies and large industrial groups in France or in Europe, we provide a solid financial structure, with our own purchasing group and experts. 

Exemplary financial management allows us to support our customers in their developments (capacity to invest) but also to offer security for the duration of a product’s life (buffer stock, industrial and logistic skills and means). 

Collective intelligence and ascension

TMP Industrie has successfully remained a family company and has kept its human dimension. 

Work, processes and human relations come together, in a flexible and caring management style.

In this way, our teams work with great creative freedom, inviting innovation, investment and the search for new solutions.

Sharing our values in the respect of mutual assistance

The sharing of in-house values within our ecosystem is of utmost importance to us.

We are full time “team players”.  This is why our employees remain loyal and why we work in total trust with our customers.

The importance of collective
Emmanuelle PERDRIX (Rovip) and Philippe DALLOZ (Millet-Forestier) founders of HYLÉANCE group

The importance of collective

A mountain top is never reached alone

We think as a team and make progress by cooperating.  Together, we find our force, as in a mountaineering rope team.

A team accomplishment is more gratifying than a personal accomplishment.

No place for improvisation. We take responsibility for an entire team that includes our material and compound suppliers, tool makers, trial laboratories, logistics partners…