TMP Industrie

Partner of your project

By your side for overall support

In the plastics transformation sector, addressing both environmental and economic stakes is crucial for our customers. Laws are changing quickly, and responsible management of plastic materials is becoming a major challenge.

At TMP Industrie, our technical teams use their talent to develop solutions that are both innovative and adapted to the difficulties of an industrial sector.  This policy holds true for small family companies or large industrial groups in France or in Europe.

Our overall support, from the birth of your project to its industrialization, is based on the principle of collective intelligence. We guide you toward appropriate solutions, in good trust.

Nos compétences en amont et en aval de l’injection plastique sécurisent votre développement : bureau d’étude, atelier d’outillage, parachèvement, ensachage, stockage.

Expert analysis at each step of your project

Your products deserve the best support all through their life cycle

Our different areas of know-how, to safeguard your development both before and after the plastics injection process : study department, production and tool maintenance workshops, examination and set-up of ancillary finishing equipment, packaging design, study of logistics flow (adapted storage capacity).

Our strength

  • Knowing how to enrich our offer, based on the many challenges faced by our customers, in the design and manufacture of their technical parts.
     Examples of our support system: product study, conceptual design, rheology, calculating mechanics of materials, prototypes.

Our particularities

  • Development of technical projects including intelligent product re-conceptualization by technology transfer.
    Example : transfer from metal to plastic, or from thermoform to plastic injection 
  • Development of technical compounds made of recycled material.
  • Re-conceptualization of parts or sub-units (using new material, creating a new design, integrating functions for improved technical and economic performance) without sacrificing the overall technical design of your products.

Our vision of co-development

Think outside of the box & Develop our creativity in problem solving.

  • Strive to be more efficient
  • Take time to think things through
  • Do team work in an organized way
  • Work with trust and mutual assistance
  • Take pleasure in learning and working together

See our quality charter

TMP s’appuie sur un système de management de la qualité comme un véritable outil de management opérationnel

Our promise

  • Share technical and methods expertise
  • Exchange information with honesty
  • Think and act energetically
  • Seek perspective
Exemple de réussite TMP

Example of TMP’s success

We always begin with concrete cases, with questions coming from difficulties that you have experienced.  We work with you to meet your challenges.

Here is one of TMP’s accomplishments in co-development with our customer, on a major product of their range, in the air conditioning sector.

Conceptual development of 4 parts and corresponding tools, set-up and operation of production and associated logistics processes.

Gain for our customer :

  • Conceptualization transfer :  metal /plastique with significant reduction of sales price of the part
  • Reduction of the number of references to manage
  • Reorganization of logistics flow (elimination of stock at customer’s site)

Quality charter

Our competitivity at the service of yours

  • Provide the best response to our customers’ needs, remain attentive and meet demands, insure product quality and associated services, be responsive and competitive in our offers.
  • Offer, in France and Internationally, according to our expertise, and only in these areas, our solutions and services in a philosophy of valuable and sustainable creation for each of the parties involved.
  • Improve our performance and our cost-effectiveness, in particular through optimum cost management.  Build share-holder trust, ensure company development and maintain strong R&D and innovation for the benefit of our customers.
  • Ensure the permanent development of our business partners.  Because we are convinced that our partners are our primary force, we are committed to providing the means necessary and in line with their skills and in-house needs.  Provide constant follow-up, particularly through permanent proximity management (QVT, QHSE management system).
  • Respect legal regulations which apply to our business sector in the best possible technical-economic conditions.