TMP Industrie

Partner of your project

Analyze and co-develop

The Analysis of a plastics project requires multiple areas of expertise.  

By honoring the principal of co-developing a project, the TMP Industrie team and its partners (raw material suppliers, tool makers, trial laboratories,…) specifically study and implement your project, starting from your initial identified wishes and needs.

TMP - Sécuriser chaque étape de développement de votre projet

Secure each step of your project development

Meet requirements of the finished part and its application

TMP Industrie’s sales and technical teams study your problematic in its entirety, competitively compare your offer, analyze known or unknown limitations on feasibility (technology watch, patent search, regulations,…) performing technique transfer if necessary (from metal conceptualization to plastic, for example).

Our feasibility study works toward meeting your specifications, to bring you a coherent solution that is achievable in an industrial context.

Cooperative R&D for a made-to-measure solution

These steps allow TMP Industrie to offer technical and design approaches that are fully compliant to the technology and transformation being used. Our highly serious economic offers are based on feasibility and on achievement of goals.

What can TMP Industrie do for you?

At TMP Industrie we are determined to support our customers as they acquire and keep their market share.  We work with you, towards your success, aiming for successful and competitive market strategy, without ever compromising quality.

Our overall contribution on numerous projects follows the principles of co-design.  This has allowed us to gain solid experience in studies on productivity, product development, cost-effectiveness and logistics.

A rapid return on investment, through our mastery of conceptual design and industrialization of your project

Technology transfer from metal conceptualization to plastic is highly cost-effective, with a rapid return on investment for our customers.

This is achieved by defining the adequate technical material, in tandem with our partners, who specialize in the production of technical compounds for mid-sized runs. Improved functionality is integrated into the new design (by eliminating components).

Minimal environmental impact, with re-design by technology transfer

By incorporating materials from the recycling sector, the TMP Group transforms over 6000 tons of recycled and/or regenerated materials annually.

With our materials partners, we develop eco-friendly technical compounds from recycled matter.  This process is particularly effective in small or medium production runs for our customers who wish to reduce the environmental impact of their applications.

Safeguarding of your material supplies and major reduction of lead times

TMP INDUSTRIE has an in-house logistical capacity of 16000 m2 and a dedicated logistics hub of 9000 m2, allowing for storage and delivery to our customers on a daily basis.

Finishing and automated assembly stations can also be provided, to process parts as they exit the injection machine.  This eliminates unnecessary logistics operations, such as storage of semi-finished parts or transfer to and from sub-contractors.  

Our strengths

  • Expert teams
  • An ecosystem of partners
  • Co-development
  • Management of quality innovation
  • Mastery of mid-sized industrial runs 
  • Re-working of technical and ecological product design, using technical compounds made of recycled materials
Maitrise des moyennes séries industrielles (entre 10000 et 100000 pièces /an)